Sun-Moon-Wine Modern Art Sculpture by Larry Schuster

Sun/Moon/Wine was commissioned by Vina Robles Winery in Paso Robles California for their Reception Room.  Larry created the design and built the sculpture in his amazing workshop studio.

Copper and stainless steel · 54″ H X 66″ W.

“I was commissioned to make this modern art sculpture for the Vina Robles Winery in Paso Robles, California. I was given a simple line drawing from the owner (whose family is from Switzerland) of his Knef Family Crest. My vision was to enhance the sun shape of the crest by making the moon and star three dimensional. I decided to use copper and stainless steel to create contrasting color. I cut, shaped, and beveled my design from a 3/16″ sheet of solid copper. Then, to give the piece depth, I created an underpinning to raise the stainless steel moon and star an inch off the surface. The winery was very pleased with the Sun Moon Wine and it really brings to life their reception room/wine tasting room.”