Larry Schuster Art Fabrication Studio

Larry Schuster has created a full state-of-the-art art fabrication facility which is 2,000 square feet in area with a height of 14′. Larry is equipped to work in stone, wood, plexiglass, and a wide variety of other materials. The workshop is perfectly suited to create large works of Corporate or Public art.


Metal Fabrication – arc welder, gas welder, MIG welder, TIG welder, hand forge, sandblasting cabinet, tube roller, grinders of various sizes and scroll bender for iron work.

Wood Fabrication – milling machine, lathes, table saw, drill press, massive antique band saw, wood planers, and band saws.

Stone Fabrication – Diamond tooling sets and wet diamond saws.

Glass Fabrication – Wet diamond saw, wet drum lapidary sander, glass grinder, and antique optician’s lens grinder.