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Born of fire and earth, forged in the spirit of the gods.


Elegant and classic, this new line of jewelry from Daniel Schuster Fine Arts was made for the unique man of style wishing to express the fire and adventure of his masculine nature.
These handsome works of art are not merely the ephemeral, the ornamental, but express the timeless and living power of archetype and myth. They are treasures meant for a lifetime, to be lovingly passed from fathers to sons and from one age to the next, for millennia.





Blue Velvet Night

For prices, questions, and additional information, contact:  •  (818) 261-3981


 Lightning Bolts designed by Daniel Schuster in collaboration with master sculptor, Larry Schuster.

Poseidon, Mercury, Hunters, Shaman, Norde Dragon, Eternity, Blade Runner, Charisma, designed by Daniel Schuster and created in collaboration with precious metal artist, Jan Preston Dunn.